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Wow, I let this blog die. I didn’t mean to, I got incredibly busy with life.
I traveled back to my hometown multiple times, got a job, celebrated my 3rd anniversary with my husband.

As for my mother. Things have been up and down emotionally. I discovered she manipulated my mentally ill grandfather into abusing me. On a long visit home I saw her twice. It was in a group situation with my family, but it was horrible. Never spoke a word, she just glared. When I was talking to my grandmother, or someone else she would just jump in, loudly to take command of the room.

Thankfully we haven’t seen each other since. My half sister is 13 now, and she looks exactly like our mother. It was shocking when I saw her a few months ago, I wasn’t expecting it.

Mother also got sick. She made herself sick by taking lots of birth control, which caused blood clots. when she was in the hospital, and things looked grave she requested to speak to me. I turned her down. I sent a message through my grandmother saying that if she wanted to speak when she was better I would consider it.

She never did.

Many things have happened. But I have finally come to a good place in my life. I am happy. I have grown and learned a lot about myself over the last few years, I couldn’t be happier.

I believe that I finally understand what the word “survivor” means. I survived what happened to me, at the hands of my mother, and turned it into a way to better and strengthen myself.


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